Pedals ‘n Pics

The Ultimate Pedalboard and its always changing.  Recent adds include a Keeley Dark Side, a Mission Engineering EP1 Expression Pedal, a Fulltone 2B boost, a Beat Buddy Mini, and a Jext Telez White Pedal.  The whole board is wired with George Ls cable and plugs.  It just makes it so easy to add or move a pedal.  Highly recommended.   The Signal Chain is published in the Bonus Tips.

Closeup of the left side of the pedalboard.  The light grey KWM Klone Centaur is a Jeff Beck favorite.  The blue Mayflower and Jetter TrainDrive are good choices to push the Blackfaces.  The Jext Telez White Pedal absolutely nails the Fuzz/Overdrive circuit within the Vox Defiant and Conquerer amps.  Think Beatles White Album, and Stones Sympathy for the Devil.  The Pedal Doctor Valve Driver has this unbelievable creamy pure tube overdrive.  Using a 12AY7 preamp tube, it’s based on the BK Butler / Chandler Tube OD used by Eric Johnson. The Tube Screamer was modified by Keeley with the same chips used by TI in the original pedal.  The DD-2 linked with the TC Electronics Stereo Chorus / Flanger and the Fender Deluxe Reverb is great emulation of EJ’s clean tone.  The red Lehle amp switcher divides my Blackface Fenders and my other amps.  Down line from the Lehle, the two Voodoo Lab Amp Selectors, chose between 8 amps…talk about tonal variety!  Lastly, the Jangle Box creates that shimmery chimmey Byrds tone with the ‘67 Ricky 12 string.

A closeup of the right side of the pedalboard.  The gold Jetter GS 124  is a incredibly close emulation of the Dumble tone.  Dumble Amps run in the high 5 figures these days, so its a great poor man’s procurement.  The Fulltone Supra-Trem  just blows the doors off any built-in amp tremolo.  Two Mission pedals made their way on the board; one for volume control, and the other as an expression pedal for the Dark Side and Barracuda Flanger.  The JHS Suprabolt, which is an emulation of an old ’60s Supro Amp.  The Tube Tape Echo is just an amazing unit and I use it whenever I plug in as it just fills in the “cracks” if you’re playing on you own.  The Nova Wah in the swirly colored box which allows you to dial in a wah tone.  It’s two Wahs in one, with either of them set to a certain spot on the Wah cycle.  Some cool fuzz tones with the ‘69 pedal (like the old FuzzFace) and the Soul Bender which sounds like the old Colour Sound pedal of the ’60s.  The Howard Leese Barracuda hands down the best analog flanger around.  Google Eric Johnson playing Hendrix House Burning Down; its on his board.  And speaking of best analog, the Analog Man Chorus nails the earlier swirling effect.  But the king of swirl is the Roto Choir Leslie emulator…nothing like it.  Last but not least, the syrupy, drippy tone of a Fulltone MDV-3 Deja-Vibe compliments any ’60s tone.  Also added an EH 360, so I could play over some recorded rhythm tracks, and a Beat Buddy Mini Drum Machine for some backbeat.

Yes, look closely, it’s the Cream at the Royal Albert Hall which my wife Jeri and myself, my old High School bud Rick, and his wife Chris attended on May 5, 2005.  A very cool shot of the evening along with our tickets and a couple cool peripherals.  One of  the greatest, historic rock and roll events ever.

Can’t display…….

…a few guitars……


…a few


Our tribute to Tasha…

A fisheye pic of my Zen getaway….aka man cave!

..can’t forget the great guitars overflowed to the guest bedroom.  Makes a great impression with visitors!

..and lastly, Jeri’s keyboard rig consisting of a Roland RD-600, and a Roland VK-7…aka….Hammond B-3!!